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Health Nut Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Posted by Emilie von Unwerth on

There are many, many reasons to love the Internet. One of the best being you no longer have to do any “real world” holiday shopping. Because come December, the mall is a horrible purgatory of suffering. Maybe we’re exaggerating. Probably not, though.

Another great aspect of the Internet are holiday gift guides. Stressing about gifts? Psh, thing of the past.

First and foremost, you should get someone you love a Bear Mattress, because rest and recovery are *literally* the best gifts you could ever give anyone. Period. However, we’ve looked into some of the most popular activities and created a pretty fantastic gift guide so you can wow the health nut in your life.

The Dedicated Runner

  1. The Believe Training Journal is a must for type A runners. Our staff use these journals ourselves, and we love them. They’re inspiring, creative and really allow you to track your progress.
  2. For women: we’re a little obsessed with this mock neck crop top looks great and pairs well with high waisted running leggings to keep you warm and dry on outdoor runs.
  3. For men: when you’re running outdoors in 15 degree weather, you need something lightweight but warm. That’s why our staff cannot live without the Craft PR Brilliant Thermal Wind Jersey.
  4. Again, if you’re gifting something to a gear junkie, try getting a vintage-inspired print of a marathon route and framing it. We love the look of this guy.

The Yogi

  1. Get your bendy buddy a sweet new yoga mat to show off in class. We’re big fans of Yeti Yoga’s Etsy shop - their mats are super durable and come in all kinds of cool patterns and colors.
  2. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, pick up some natural yoga mat cleaner, another great Etsy find. This pariticular shop offers a multitude of fragrances that do double duty: mat disinfectant with aromatherapeutic benefits. Namaste.
  3. If your favorite yogi already has more than enough gear, consider giving them something for the home. We love this Inhale Exhale print, also from a maker on Etsy.
  4. Any book by Thich Nhat Hanh. We’re huge fans of Peace in Every Step… this book would be a great gift for anyone on your list, actually. It’s simply beautiful.

The Rugged Outdoorsman

  1. An actually good-looking napsack. Days of ugly camping ear, be gone! This guy is a fantastic find and would make a great gift. It functions as a sleeping bag and a sort of cocoon-like blanket, and it’s cool enough to be worn around a drafty winter home.
  2. Vintage-inspired rucksack. This one from Alite designs is durable, affordable and cool. It’s great for multi-day trips and comes with a lifetime guarantee
  3. Portable bluetooth speaker/flashlight/emergency power bank that you can actually hold in your hand. It’s just, like, the most practical thing ever. And it has awesome reviews. And it’s 40 bucks.

The Serious Cyclist/Mountain Biker

  1. A bike bag that is actually not ugly when you carry it around. We’re pretty obsessed with Alite brand - they just know what’s up. This bag easily attaches to your bike and can easily be taken around town on foot. Best part? You won’t look like a total dork  with it.
  2. A 16-in-one multi tool bicycle repair kit. An essential for mountain bikers and city cyclists alike. It also costs less than $8. Did we hear “perfect stocking stuffer?”
  3. If you know a dedicated cyclist or mountain biker, chances are no weather conditions will keep them from getting on their bikes. So be a pal and gift them some BarMitts - they’re toasty mittens that attach to the handlebars to keep you super duper warm.

The Gym Rat

For women

  1. An actually good dry shampoo. We know it seems weird. But this is a kickass stocking stuffer. We love Amika brand because it smells sooo good.
  2. A blanket poncho combo. What? Yep. For those cold winter days when getting off the couch to workout seems too difficult, gift your buddy a blanket that can be converted into a poncho. No. Excuses.

For Men

  1. Tailored track pants because they are a way better looking alternative to bulky sweats and they have great reviews.
  2. A camo foam roller. Because core workouts, recovery, and and massages are better when they’re wrapped in camo.

For Either

  1. A cool new gym bag. This Nylon duffel from Herschel is cool, functional and waterproof. Boom.
  2. Nice workout clothes. We love Lulu Lemon, Without Walls by Urban Outfitters, Stella McCartney for Adidas and Patagonia.

For Literally Anyone on Your List

  1. A new mattress. A new Bear Mattress. Obviously.
  2. Organic sheets. They’re good for the world and good for you. We’re a fan of these guys from Hibernate Bedding.
  3. This REI Original Buff. It’s a must for every active woman/long-haired person. It’s this cool band with about eight hundred uses.
  4. Candles. Unless you’re about candles, you’re probably not investing money in good ones. And everyone needs a good candle. We love the classy look of this Sugar Boudoir Soy Candle, also from Hibernate Bedding.
  5. Organic shredded rubber pillows. They’re adjustable, super comfy, and make people go, “What? Cool! Thanks!”
  6. A fitness tracker for that loved one who is super serious about either getting into shape or staying in shape. The FitBit Charge HR wins on both value and functionality, hands down.

We hope this guide takes some stress off you this holiday season. Now get out that credit card and do some shopping!

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